WaveSense Jazz Glucose Meter Review

The WaveSense Jazz Glucose Monitor is the top of the line offering from AgaMatrix. The Jazz is a great meter that delivers some excellent features.

It has excellent accuracy, great back lit screen and easy to use controls. I is still waiting, as of March 2012, to introduce a wireless version of the model. Nonetheless, this meter is worth checking out.

Let’s see what’s got me excited below! But one quick note first, Agamatrix has begun to OEM all of its meters. This means they develop the meters then let other companies market the meter under a different brand name. For now, you can still find the Jazz, but I would imagine this will change over the next year or so.

Key Advantages

wavesense jazz

  • Potential: Potential, what does that mean? The Jazz attempts to go where no glucose meter has gone before. It is almost there, but not quite.

    iPhone: For example, AgaMatrix is the FIRST glucose meter company to have an iphone application to help you track your glucose levels. I give major Kudos to AgaMatrix for this inovation. However, as of this writing (March 2012), the Jazz cannot yet synch with the iphone, so data has to be entered manually. A data cable to synch automatically, is pending.

    Wireless Synch: The Jazz is also attempting to have a wireless component that allows you to synch the meter with your computer. This would allow you to download your data to the computer without plugging in a data cable. Nice and Easy. Use of wireless technology in this manner requires FDA approval, which has not yet been given.

    So, with these two cutting edge technologies, it is almost there, but not quite yet. My understanding is that both these issues will be resolved very shortly, so all of these comments may soon be moot!

  • Advanced Features: The Jazz stores over 1,800 test results. Special averaging and meal time tagging features. It also has trend graphing capability on the meter itself, not just the diabetes management software.
  • Alarms: This WaveSense Meter has 7 alarms you can set to remind you to test. Great if you don’t want to be checking your watch all the time.
  • Accuracy: Like all WaveSense meters, the WaveSense Jazz uses digital technology to reduce testing errors, thereby increasing accuracy. While I have not seen independent testing confirming increased accuracy, anecdotal evidence suggests that the technology is more accurate.
  • Display: The Jazz has large numbers and a back light display. Very Nice.

Key Disadvantages:

  • Test Strip Availabilityy: AgaMatrix has only been in business for approximately ten years and they only develop glucose meters. Thus, their retail distribution is not as deep as other larger companies. This is not a big deal if you are comfortable ordering on line and planning ahead.

Test Strips

The WaveSense Jazz uses only WaveSense Jazz Test Strips. Admittedly, the strips are a bit high. Last I checked, 50 test strips cost about $50. You can see the latest diabetic test strip deals here.

Other Considerations:

Management Software: AgaMatrix has developed the Zero-Click diabetes management software. I like it because you simply plug in your meter and it automatically downloads the data and performs the key analysis of the data.

Also, the software allows you to set certain items like the date, time, alarms, etc. on the computer then synch with the meter. This feature allows you to avoid fumbling through the meter menus trying to figure out how to manipulate the data with the two buttons on the meter. It is much easier to just do it on the computer with a full size keyboard.

Positive Feedback: Who can’t use a little positive feedback? If you have a positive test result, you get a smiley face. Nice! Don’t worry, be happy.

Bottom Line:

Bottom line is that I like the meter. The strips are a little expensive, but most newer meters tend to start out expensive then come down in price over time. I like the large display and management software. I also like the potential to use with the iphone and the pending wireless technology, both of which should be available soon.

Please leave your review below!

Technical Specifications

Model WaveSense Jazz
Auto. Shut Off 3 minutes
Battery Type Two CR2032
Battery Life Not Listed
Alternative Site Testing Yes (P,F)
Memory Capacity 1,865 Tests
Storage Temp. 46° - 86° F
Operating Temp. 50° - 104° F
Result Range 20 to 600 mg/dL
Sample Size 0.5 microliter
Test Time 4-12 seconds
Weight (battery) 1.69 oz. (yes)
Size (Inches) 1.81" x 3.27 x 0.79
Backlit Display Yes
Warranty 1 year
Coding RequiredNo
Software Available Yes