WaveSense Presto Glucose Meter Review

agamatrix wavesense prestoThe WaveSense Presto Glucose Meter offers good package of features at a reasonable price. There are other meters that offer more gizmos and gadgets, but as you will see below, this WaveSense meter is small, simple to use and has a new take on glucose meter accuracy.

The Presto is one of three popular meters from AgaMatrix, the other two being the Jazz and the KeyNote. And, despite the “plain jane” aspect of the meter, it oes offer some decent features, including a backlit screen, that may peak your interest in this model.

UPDATE: Please note that in 2012, Agamatrix began pushing hard into the OEM market. Meaning, you can still find the Presto, but the company appears to be exiting the retail market and producing meters for other companies to sell under various brand names.

Key Advantages:

  • Small, Easy to Use, Easy to Handle: The WaveSense Presto is very small and fits into most purses and pockets easily. It has an intuitive set of controls, many of which can be controlled from your computer (more below). The Presto also has some rubber grips on the meter which help with slippage.
  • Backlight: The screen has a decent backlight. This makes testing at night, at the movies or other place with limited light.
  • 6 Alarms: For those of you who are forgetful, especially, me, you can pre set 6 alarms to remind you to test.
  • Software: The Presto has a software system called Zero-Click that makes tracking and operating easy. I discuss this more below.
  • Accuracy: The Presto uses digital, not electro chemical, technology to determine results. While I have not seen any third party testing on this difference, the digital technology is meant to reduce errors and provide significantly more accurate results. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this meter really is more accurate than most.

Key Disadvantages:

  • Lancet: Some users have reported that the lancet is not up to speed. Meaning, it sometimes does not draw enough blood.
  • Test Strips: You had better plan ahead. AgaMatrix is a smaller, relatively new company that does not have a wide distribution for its test strips. Make sure you load up at someplace like Amazon.com.

Test Strips:

The WaveSense Presto meter only uses Presto test strips. While some users have complained about cost, I find the c ost to be reasonable when compared to other options. A box of 50 Strips sells for between $14-$17 on Amazon.com. For the latest prices, check out my Test Strip Deals page.

Other Considerations:

The diabetes management software for the Presto is called Zero-Click. Granted, you will have to do some clicking to take advantage of some of the features. But the great thing about the software is that you plug in your meter and the software will download all of your results and analyze them automatically.

You can make comments in your log book, to explain atypical test results, for example. Also, certain routine settings on the meter, like time/date settings, alarms, etc. You then can synch the settings from the computer to the meter automatically.

Why is this cool? Some of us find it tedious to toggle through all of the various menus in devices such as this. It is much easier to just do it in a more user friendly place like the computer.

You will have to pay about $38 for the USB cable and software. Languages include, Spanish, French, German and English.

Also, please note that the product literature states that the device delivers results in as short as 3 seconds. However, if you read the fine print, it can take as long as 12 seconds and the average time is 6 seconds. Don’t you just love the fine print!

Bottom Line:

I like the meter. Accuracy is good and the price is reasonable. This glucose monitor retails for about $29.99, but can be found for much less (put your mouse under the picture above for latest pricing).

If you are looking for the most sophisticated glucose meter on the market with many different features, etc., this is not the meter for you. If you want simple accurate results, give it a look. I also think that most technophobe users will even like the tracking software once they give it a try.

Please leave your review below the technical specifications!

Technical Specifications

Model WaveSense Presto
Auto. Shut Off 3 minutes
Battery Type Two CR2032
Battery Life Two CR2032
Alternative Site TestingYes (P,F)
Memory Capacity 300 Tests
Storage Temp. 46° - 86° F
Operating Temp. 50° - 104° F
Operating Temp. 20 to 600 mg/dL
Sample Size 0.5 microliter
Test Time 3-12 seconds
Weight (battery) 1.65 oz. (yes)
Size (Inches) 1.7" x 3.0 x 0.6
Backlit Display Yes
Warranty1 year
Coding Required No
Software Available Yes