TRUE track Glucose Meter Review

true-track-meterNipro Diagnostics has a comprehensive 24/7 customer support team to assist users with any technical problems they may have running the meter.
The True Track Glucose Meter is your middle of the road option. Meaning, the glucose monitor offers solid performance, yet nothing extraordinary. The TRUEtrack is widely offered under different brand names, so chances are you may have seen this same meter with a different name on it, most likely at various major drug store chain.

This meter was originally developed by Home Diagnostics, and since sold to Nipro Diagnostics. Many of the overall customer experience aspects have improved greatly under Nipro. In particular, the data management software is a much better product.

Key Advantages

  • Small Sample Size. The monitor only requires 0.1 microliter of blood.
  • Economical. Let’s face it, the monitor is cheap! The meter only retails for about $20dollars. Your insurance may even provide it for free. This low price makes the TRUE track glucose meter very affordable.
  • Lifetime Warranty. While it does have a low price, it also has a good warranty – Lifetime.


Curiously, some users complain of poor accuracy, while others rave about how great the accuracy is. Others complained of difficulty in learning how to use the system.

We would note that Nipro Diagnostics lists multiple studies on their website that demonstrate the accuracy of the meter compared with laboratory results. The company also has a study showing that 70% of first time users found the TRUEtrack easier to use than their current meter.

Very few meter companies list these types of supporting studies on their website, so we applaud Nipro Diagnostics for the information.

The meter does have Alternative Site Testing, but only from the forearm.

Test Strips

The meter only uses TRUEtrack Test Strips. Like the meter, the strips tend to be a little less expensive than competitors. For example, we found a box of 50 strips for just under $23 dollars. This is a couple of dollars less than most other brands. To Compare the BEST prices on strips, check out our Test Strip Price Comparison page.

Bottom Line

The TRUEtrack monitor is a glucose testing work horse. It provides limited functionality, such as advanced programming. It doesn’t come in a wide assortment of fashionable colors or nifty shapes. Nonetheless, the meter does provide an economic solution to testing your blood sugar. The meter is inexpensive and the test strips are a little cheaper than most.

Other Consideration

Nipro Diagnostics does offer 24/7 customer support, if you are having problems with your meter. Additionally, they offer free diabetes management software called True Manager. Of course, the data cable must be purchased separately for $19.95.

I would note that the software currently offered through Nipro is a significant improvement over the software offred by the predecessor company, Home Diagnostics.

Their client support program is called True Care. The program offers a newsletter, coupons and other print and educational resources. This program is adequate, but a little less comprehensive than programs other brands offer.

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Technical information

Model TRUEtrack
Auto. Shut Off 2 minutes
Battery Type One CR2032
Battery Life 1,100 Tests
Alternative Site Testing Yes
Memory Capacity 365 Tests
Storage Temp. NA
Operating Temp. 50 to 104 F
Result Range 20 to 600 mg/dL
Sample Size 1.0 microliter
Test Time 10 seconds
Weight (battery) 1.66 oz. (yes)
Size (Inches) 3.52 x 2.15 x 0.67
Backlit Display No
Warranty Lifetime
Coding Required Yes
Software Available Yes