Raw Food Diet Review

There is a lot of “buzz” concerning the raw food diabetic diet. This raw food diet review looks at the mysteries and misconceptions surrounding this hundred year old diet. Eating a raw food diet is not for everyone nor is starting a raw food diet easy. So, why do some many people swear by it, … Read more

Diabetic Food List

woman with a grocery list

Interestingly enough, diabetic food list is one of the most searched for terms on the Internet for people with diabetes. The confusion regarding what to eat is incredibly challenging. It seems that if you could just get a list of foods, it would solve all your problems. I would say the answer is yes and … Read more

Diabetic Food Grocery List

grocery list

Curiously, a good diabetic food grocery list is hard to find. I will provide a number of different grocery lists below, please be patient! The bigger issue is: why it is so hard to find a good list? If you search for a list on the Internet, you primarily get lists of low glycemic foods. … Read more

Diet Coke Diabetes

Clearly, few drinks are as American as coca cola. However, diet coke and diabetes have a more clouded association. This same cloud hangs over most diet sodas, as well. So, what is the controversy? Three recent studies suggest all diet sodas, not just diet coke lead to a number of poor health conditions, particularly for … Read more

Diabetes and Alcohol – Okay or Not Okay?

alcohol collage

The topic of diabetes and alcohol is a bit like the monster in the corner. No one really likes to talk about it. For many, including myself, a glass of good red wine is one of life’s small pleasures. However, do the risks associated with alcohol and diabetes outweigh this simple pleasure? Are there any … Read more

Coffee and Diabetes

coffee beans in a bag

What’s the link between coffee and diabetes? Recent studies suggest that coffee consumption can significantly reduce someone’s chances of developing type 2 diabetes. In some studies, research has found that for every cup of coffee you consume a day, your risk of developing diabetes is diminished by up to 7 percent! WARNING! While the studies … Read more

Carbohydrates and Insulin Release

The way carbohydrates affect insulin release could be the major key to developing type 2 diabetes. When I was in my teens and twenties, I could literally eat a pizza a day (plus everything else, maybe even some beer) and still look great. Fast forward twenty years and this is not really (not at all!) … Read more

Carbohydrates and Diabetes: What’s the Big Deal?

bakery full of bread

Interestingly, there are fewer topics that seem to cause more controversy than carbohydrates and diabetes. Some popular experts advocate some form of a low carb diet, such as Dr. Robert Atkins, Dr. Arthur Agatston and The Diabetes Diet by Dr. Richard Bernstein . These experts also debate the type of carbs you should or should … Read more

Glycemic Index

Not all carbohydrates are created equal. The glycemic index (GI) measures how any given carbohydrate containing food raises or lowers your blood sugar. Eating carbohydrates can have a profound effect on your blood sugar, especially people with diabetes. High GI foods raise your blood sugar more than low GI foods. The goal is to eat … Read more