How Does Insulin Transfer Glucose Into Our Cells?

insulin in blood

Everyone knows insulin is critical for diabetics, but how many people know how insulin transfers glucose into our cells. At first blush, this process may seem unimportant. After all, who cares? Nonetheless, I would argue that this process is extremely relevant to understanding a lot about diabetes, particularly type 2 diabetes. It is also important … Read more

Insulin Syringes and Needles – Best Options

insulin syringes

Insulin syringes or needles are one thing people would rather not think about. After all, I am not aware of anyone who actually likes to be injected with anything, least of all insulin on a daily basis. This distaste raises a number of important issues, however. What needles most commonly used? Is there any other … Read more

Insulin Injection Sites – Know Your Options

insulin injecting

There are many different insulin injection sites available for insulin users. In contrast, my grandmother took insulin injections for over 50 years; however she seldom strayed from one or two general sites. Today, with better insulin, there are many options that allow you to choose different injection areas to avoid over using one particular area … Read more

Humulin Insulin

humalin insulin

Humulin insulin is the brand name of a group of synthetic insulin products originally developed by Genetech, but later sold to Eli Lilly and Company. Humulin products have been around for years but are slowly being discontinued and replaced by more modern choices. For example, Humulin 50/50 (2009) and Humulin L (2006) and Humulin U … Read more

Humalog Insulin

humalog insulin

Humalog insulin is the brand name for a type of synthetic insulin used to treat many diabetics. The generic terms of this type of insulin is lispro insulin from rDNA origin. The Insulin is produced by the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Company. Like all synthetic insulin, it is delivered via subcutaneous injection. Most humalog … Read more

How To Inject Insulin – Video Demonstration

man injecting insulin

Learning how to inject insulin is an unfortunate skill many diabetics are forced to acquire. While most people will have their healthcare provider teach them, let’s take a look at how it is done and some of the various issues you need to be on the lookout for when completing this task. As you know, … Read more

Diabetes Insulin Treatment – The Introductory Course!

insulin treatment guide

Diabetes insulin treatment can be complicated. Insulin is needed to help sugar transfer from the blood to the cells so that the cells can have energy. If your body does not produce enough, or any, insulin, you must take some for this transfer process to work properly. Today, all insulin produced in the United States … Read more