International Diabetes Centers

international diabetes centersFiguring out what the International Diabetes Center (IDC) is can be a little confusing. This can be especially the case depending upon which country you reside. There are at least three different organizations that currently, or did hold themselves out as the “IDC.” Let’s take a look and see if we can clear up the confusion.

International Diabetes Institute (IDI) – Melbourne, Australia

While the International Diabetes Institute (IDI) does not use the word “center” in its name, the organization often is referred to as the IDC. The IDI is located in Melbourne Australia. This organization is a world famous diabetes research and care facility.

In 2008, the IDI merged with the Baker Heart Research Institute, a leading cardiovascular research center. The new entity is known as, Baker IDI – Heart and Diabetes Institute. The stated goal of the group is to fight the deadly trio, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Cosmopolitan IDC – Columbia, Missouri

Moving right along to the next IDC, Cosmopolitan IDC is part of the University of Missouri Health Sciences Center located in Columbia, Missouri. The Cosmopolitan IDC is a leading research and patient care facility. Cosmopolitan opened its doors in 1984.

Their stated specialty is treating the neurologic, ophthalmologic and cardiovascular complications of diabetes. The Cosmopolitan also works on related conditions such as high cholesterol, thyroid disorders and osteoporosis.

International Diabetes Center – Park Nicollett Institute – Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Park Nicollett Center is arguably the most famous, at least in the United States, of the IDC’s. It has been a core institute of diabetes care, research and education since 1967.

The fascinating aspect of all three institutions is not just there commitment to patient care and diabetes research. They are also committed to diabetes education within the medical community. Many health care professionals simply are not up to speed on diabetes, nor are they keeping up to date on advancements in the field.

Check out each organization and see if one or more is right for you.

Baker IDI

Cosmopolitan IDC

Park Nicollett Institute