Dinner Ideas for Diabetics Who Hate to Cook

diabetic cooking

One of the first things most people will tell you when you discover that you’re diabetic is that you can still eat all the foods you enjoy: you simply need to modify the recipes slightly. However if you hate to cook and prefer to eat takeout food or in restaurants, discovering that you have diabetes can mean having to … Read more

Eating Your Way Through The Super Bowl

diabetic super bowl snacks

This post was written by Chef Ward Alper, The Decadent Diabetic. No sitting on the sidelines for us just because we have diabetes! You don’t really think you have to endure Super Bowl Sunday gnawing on a celery stick, do you? NONSENSE! You want chips? We got chips. Just check out the Lavash chip recipe under the … Read more

The Decadent Diabetic Answers Your Questions About Pasta

diabetic mac and cheese

This post was written by Chef Ward Alper, The Decadent Diabetic. Dear Pasta Lovers, Like pizza, pasta was one of the most asked for items to get back into a low carbohydrate diabetic-compatible diet. There is a pasta product out in the marketplace that claims to have only 5g of digestible carbohydrates per portion. I … Read more

Could Sticking to 800 Calories a Day Cure Type 2 Diabetes?

diabetes cure

As diabetes sufferers, we can’t be blamed for taking any news regarding a so-called ‘cure’ with a liberal pinch of salt. It sometimes seems that we’re hearing stories of potential cures on an almost monthly basis – and yet nothing concrete ever materializes. But what would you think if the cure wasn’t a pill or … Read more

4 Ways To Solve the Diabetic Pizza Dilemma!

This post was written by Chef Ward Alper, The Decadent Diabetic.  The responses to last week’s question about diabetic-friendly alternatives to food favorites was overwhelmingly for pizza and pasta. No problem: Let me first tell you that I am a “New Yawker” and traditionally pizza is eaten with your hands. Only the first of the … Read more

Can A Diabetic Have Birthday Cake?

diabetic birthday cake

This post was written by Chef Ward Alper, The Decadent Diabetic.  A friend of mine approached me and asked: “My brother in law, Jack, was diagnosed with diabetes about six months ago. He has been a real champ about managing his disease and is doing really well. We are a closely knit family and always … Read more

Exercise As Effective As Medicine!

man exercising

Maybe not surprisingly, new research shows that exercise is just as effective as medication in treating heart disease and preventing diabetes. While everyone, who isn’t living in a cave, knows that exercise is paramount to good health. The surprising aspect is just how effective it is. The study was conducted by researchers at Stanford, Harvard … Read more

TEDx Talk: Dr. Barnard –Diabetes Diet Advice

Daily Diabetes Video

Dr. Neal Barnard is a longtime proponent of changing your diet to treat diabetes and a myriad of other common diseases. He is a New York Times selling author and frequent speaker. Here is a great talk Dr. Barnard as part of the famous TEDx Talks series.

Top 10 Selling Diabetes Drugs

top 10 list

I have published a lot of news items recently on the explosion of diabetes. Well, what was big business is becoming bigger business. The latest figures are for 2012 and the following table shows the Top 10 Diabetes Drugs. Interestingly, Standard & Poor’s estimates that the diabetes drug market will rise from $35 billion in … Read more

How to Pray for Diabetes

praying for diabetes health

How does one pray for diabetes? Ask 10 clergy members and you will probably get 10 different answers. Prayer is a very personalized ritual. If done with faith and sincerity, there really is no wrong way to do it. Nonetheless, let’s take a look at some general thoughts on the subject. Prayer Basics: Establishing a … Read more