Atkins Diet And Diabetes – Diet Review

Few diets cause more controversy than the Atkins Diet and diabetes. The book, Atkins Diabetes Revolution, caused quiet a stir. It seems you’re either for it or against it, no middle ground when it comes to your views on Atkins and diabetes. It is hard not to be at least curious about the diet as … Read more

Diabetes And The Zone Diet: Are You In The Zone?

Diabetes and the Zone Diet have become a popular topic lately. When you start the Zone Diet plan, you are said to be entering “the zone.”  Woooo!   Needless to say, the diet has a very active and strong camaraderie amongst participants. They even do Zone Caribbean cruises. While maybe a bit over the top, this … Read more

Dr. Richard Bernstein’s Diabetes Diet Review

The book the Diabetes Diet is a lifetime crusade of its founder Dr. Richard K. Bernstein. Dr. Bernstein has had type 1 diabetes since he was a child and has spent his life developing and studying what he believes is the proper diet for diabetics, particularly type 1. To be taken seriously, he even went … Read more

Diabetes Create My Plate Method

The diabetes Create My Plate Method for controlling diabetes was only recently introduced, but has rapidly caught fire. The old diabetes food pyramid is out, and this method is in. But — What is it? Who created it? And, how can it help you? Well, let’s take a look and see what the big deal … Read more

eDiets – Living With Diabetes Diet Review

ediets living with diabetes

Created by, the Living with Diabetes Diet has achieved some noted popularity. But, is it really a good diet for people with diabetes? The program provides weekly meal plans and recipes that you prepare yourself. The diet strictly follows the American Diabetes Association and the Joslin Diabetes Center diet recommendations. It is primarily designed … Read more

NutriSystem D Diet Review

NutriSystem D is a popular weight loss option for diabetics. Opinions on NutriSystem can vary, as discussed below, but recently there has been a lot of increased positive chatter due to a clinical study, supporting the diet. Our NutriSystem review will go into all the details, but first let’s cover some basics about the plan. … Read more

Mediterranean Diet and Diabetes Health

mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet and diabetes health connection is very strong. In fact, this diet is one of the top diets you can adopt to avoid diabetes or improve your condition if you already have diabetes. Moreover, the diet has been shown to improve many of the secondary conditions typical of diabetics, such as cardiovascular disease, … Read more

Vegan Diet and Diabetes – Pathway to Health

How a Whole Food, Plant Based Diet Can Reverse Diabetes The vegan diet has gone from “far out” to “well, maybe there’s something there” status when it comes to improving your diabetes. I never thought I would be open to this type of diet, but you can now consider me a very big proponent. And, … Read more

South Beach Diet and Diabetes Diet Review

The South Beach Diet and diabetes link is widely touted for its advantages for diabetics. So what’s the big deal? While widely popular, the South Beach Diet is actually more of a lifestyle choice than a quick fix. Testimonials show that many participants lose well over 10 pounds during the first several weeks while in … Read more