Diabetic Chicken Enchiladas Recipe

diabetic chicken enchiladas

Everybody loves a good chicken enchiladas recipe. They like it even better when it is tweaked to be diabetic friendly. While this recipe has a little more fat and sodium than we like, it still is a decent option compared with most main stream Mexican recipes.   The nutritional content above is approximate, per serving. … Read more

Chicken Cilantro Recipe

diabetic chicken cilantro recipe

This simple 4 ingredient diabetic friendly recipe is very easy to make. Our chicken cilantro recipe, while easy to make, looks and tastes like you are a master chef. Which is what we all want right? Pair this dish with a couple of vegetable sides and you now have a great meal.   The nutritional … Read more

Diabetic Turkey Stroganoff Recipe

diabetic turkey stroganoff recipe

Our Turkey Stroganoff recipe is a healthier take on an Old Russian classic. Great international flavor and using turkey instead of beef immediately makes the recipe a bit healthier. If you add noodles to the recipe, make sure you factor in the additional carbohydrates.   The nutritional content above is approximate, per serving. The figures … Read more

Grilled Indian Chicken Recipe

diabetic indian chicken recipe

Indian food has a reputation of being hard to make. Well, not so, with this Indian chicken recipe that is also diabetic friendly. Exotic mix of common spices will have this being a weekly menu item. Don’t be surprised if have a desire to visit the Taj Mahal after eating this great dish.   The … Read more

Diabetic Tray Broiled Chicken Recipe

This tray broiled chicken recipe is an easy and yummy way to spice up your dinner plans. This recipe combines two ingredients that you do not normally find together: Oregano and Paprika. However, when you mix in the bacon and lemon, it all comes together to tantalize your taste buds. Give it a try!   … Read more