Diabetic Side Dishes: 10 Low-Carb Recipes to Accompany Any Main Dish

When it comes to low-carb side dishes, most diabetics find themselves surrounded by salads. Although leafy greens and colorful veggies are part of healthy eating and give us our carb-reducing fiber, sometimes we need a heartier dish the whole family can enjoy. That’s why we’ve gathered these easy diabetic side dishes to add something extra to your dinner table.

These tasty side dishes won’t elevate your blood sugar levels or bore your taste buds. They’re all diabetic-friendly recipes that can help you on your quest to lose weight, keep your blood glucose low, and satisfy you and your kids. The best part? While some of these dishes might be “entree” level, you can alter any of them to be side-dish friendly! Here are ten of our friendly diabetic-friendly side dishes featuring low-carb pasta, vegetables, and other healthy ingredients.

1. Greek Pasta Salad With Low-Carb Rice

A bag of It’s Skinny rice lays next to a green ceramic bowl filled with a healthy, colorful Greek rice salad. The veggie-packed dish is a perfect diabetic-friendly side dish.

This flavorful Greek-inspired side dish replaces heavier pasta with It’s Skinny rice. This rice substitute only has nine calories per bag and is a great way to keep carbohydrate consumption down without giving up flavor! Combine the rice with ingredients like bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and decadent feta cheese (or goat cheese for a dairy-free delight), and you have a refreshing side dish in under 10 minutes that will enhance any main course.

2. Green Bean Casserole Recipe

Two aluminum pie plates full of diabetic green bean casseroles sit on a picnic table.

Green bean casserole might be a holiday side dish staple–no holiday meal is complete without the rich and creamy casserole! Now, people with diabetes can enjoy this tasty traditional dish because we’ve made it low-carb and low-calorie! Even picky eaters will enjoy the addition of savory Swiss cheese and stuffing mixed with green beans!

3. Wild Rice Casserole Recipe

A small brown bowl is full of a hearty rice and mushrooms side dish, surrounded by whole mushrooms in the background.

When the nights get darker and the wind blows colder, nothing is better than a warm, earthy wild rice casserole, especially if it’s good for you! Wild rice contains alpha lipoic acid, which is believed to help type 2 diabetics produce insulin and may ease symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. Mix savory wild rice with mushrooms, onions, and chicken broth, and it is the best side dish for a beef or chicken main course. Add some green vegetables like asparagus or Brussels sprouts to round out the menu.

4.  Healthier Garlic Mashed Potatoes Recipe

A white bowl holds creamy garlic mashed potatoes and a parsley garnish.

Diabetics don’t only have to worry about carbohydrates – we need to eat healthy too. That’s why we have created a beneficial garlic mashed potato side! This simple recipe is a little higher in carbs than the other delicious side dishes here, but these mashed taters are made healthier with skim milk and no butter. If you want a lower-carb dish with a twist, try substituting regular potatoes for sweet potatoes. Some research has shown that garlic can help reduce heart disease, which affects almost 80% of people with diabetes. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these tasty, savory, smooth, garlicky mashed potatoes with your dinner!

5. Low-Carb Stuffed Peppers With Rice

A close-up of two dishes of diabetic-friendly stuffed bell peppers. Yellow peppers are filled with a meat and rice mixture with tomato sauce, spices, and a fresh herb garnish.

Depending on your menu, stuffed peppers can be a tasty side dish or main dish. Even better, they are a yummy blank canvas on which you can paint the ethnic cuisine you choose. Customize with your preferred spices and ingredients to make low-carb, low-calorie stuffed peppers Italian style, Mexican, Spanish, Asian, and more! No matter what seasoning you choose, these peppers will be diabetic-friendly when you use It’s Skinny rice combined with lean meats and cheeses, served in mouth-watering bright bell peppers.

6.  Mushroom Asparagus Risotto

A brown bowl full of mushroom asparagus risotto made with It’s Skinny rice and garnished with leafy green asparagus tops.

Many people with diabetes think risotto is off the table, but it doesn’t have to be! This aromatic, earthy bowl of goodness is made with a plant-based rice substitute that not only makes this diabetic friendly, but it is also vegetarian, gluten-free, and perfect for a keto diet. Serve a healthy side dish of It’s Skinny rice and cheese mixed with savory mushrooms and fresh asparagus with less than 22 grams of carbs per serving size! Coupled with a nice pork tenderloin or other lean meat, this diabetic side dish will surely become one of your favorite foods.

7. Coleslaw Recipe

A red plate on a dark wood table holds green coleslaw, a freshly made, diabetic side dish.

Every summer gathering with friends and family deserves an appetizing side dish that captures the essence of warm weather and good times. With this healthy and delicious coleslaw recipe, you can do just that and keep it under 7 grams of carbohydrates per serving! This recipe includes unique ingredients like dry mustard and celery seeds, which makes a memorable and tangy side dish. This diabetic coleslaw is crunchy, fresh, and low-calorie too!

8. Low Carb Healthy Chicken Fried Rice

An overhead image of a square white plate of homemade, diabetic-friendly chicken fried rice. The plate sits next to a bunch of green onions and a white and blue patterned napkin.

If you enjoy Chinese take-out, you will love this savory, homemade, diabetic-friendly chicken fried rice side. This fried rice recipe is keto-friendly, dairy-free, and low-carb, so that you can enjoy it without guilt. The key ingredient is It’s Skinny rice, which has only nine calories per bag! Add vegetables, low-sodium soy sauce, chicken breasts or thighs, and spices, and you have a high-protein, low-calorie diabetic side dish in no time.

9. Sweet And Spicy Low-Carb Thai Fried Rice

Sweet and spicy Thai fried rice, made low-carb and low-calorie with It’s Skinny rice and vegetables, served on a wavy blue and yellow striped dinner plate.

This diabetic side dish is similar to healthy chicken fried rice, but with an enchanting Thai twist. Also made with It’s Skinny rice, this diabetic-friendly fried rice is sweeter and spicier, with slightly crispy rice and a flavor explosion courtesy of pineapple pieces hidden among the fresh vegetables. This Thai rice is low-carb, low-calorie, keto, and dairy-free but full of savory elements.

10. Low Carb Linguine With Clams

A brown ceramic bowl contains open cooked clams arranged around a serving of low-carb angel hair pasta, cooked with herbs and spices, in this diabetic-friendly seafood side dish.

Pasta is no longer forbidden if you use It’s Skinny Angel Hair pasta! This classic Mediterranean dish contains aromatic, savory ingredients that inspire romance. As a perfect side dish to a healthy seafood dinner, this linguine clams recipe makes you feel like you are sitting at a small bistro on the Italian coast. Your senses will be tantalized as you saute onions, shallots, and Italian parsley in olive oil and white wine. Surprisingly, most of the carbs in this low-carb, diabetic side dish come from the clams, not the pasta! However, shellfish like clams and lobsters are high in clean protein, so they are good for you, too!

Diabetics need to follow medical advice and eat healthy, low-carb foods, but that doesn’t mean our foods must be boring! The best way to eat the foods you love is to use fresh ingredients and high-carb substitutes like It’s Skinny brands of pasta and rice. Remember, diabetic side dishes can be good for us and full of scrumptious flavors, too!

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