WaveSense Presto Glucose Meter Review

The WaveSense Presto Glucose Meter offers good package of features at a reasonable price. There are other meters that offer more gizmos and gadgets, but as you will see below, this WaveSense meter is small, simple to use and has a new take on glucose meter accuracy. The Presto is one of three popular meters … Read more

TRUE track Glucose Meter Review

Nipro Diagnostics has a comprehensive 24/7 customer support team to assist users with any technical problems they may have running the meter. The True Track Glucose Meter is your middle of the road option. Meaning, the glucose monitor offers solid performance, yet nothing extraordinary. The TRUEtrack is widely offered under different brand names, so chances … Read more

WaveSense Jazz Glucose Meter Review

The WaveSense Jazz Glucose Monitor is the top of the line offering from AgaMatrix. The Jazz is a great meter that delivers some excellent features. It has excellent accuracy, great back lit screen and easy to use controls. I is still waiting, as of March 2012, to introduce a wireless version of the model. Nonetheless, … Read more

TRUE Result Glucose Meter Review

The TRUE Result Glucose Meter is the flagship model of Nipro Diagnostics. It is the most advanced and feature rich model they manufacture. During clinical tests, 99% of first time users obtained clinically accurate results. The company markets the meter as the accurate and inexpensive option for most diabetics. The meter is also a popular … Read more

Accu-Chek Nano Glucose Meter Review

The Accu-Chek Nano is the latest glucose meter offering from Roche Diagnostics. The Nano is small, but does not fall into the category of “Compact Meters” that I use for my meter comparison. This meter began shipping in April 2012. However, this is not a knock on the Nano. In fact, I really like this … Read more

TRUE2go Glucose Meter Review

The TRUE 2 Go Glucose Meter by Nipro Diagnostics is the world’s smallest monitor. Yet, the TRUE2go meter offers some great benefits and features found in much larger models. Another neat feature is that it actually attaches to the top of a test strip bottle to make for one easy carrying device. I would not … Read more

Accu Chek Aviva Plus Glucose Meter Review

The ACCU-CHEK Aviva Plus Blood Glucose Meter positions itself as the most accurate and least painful option for users. The other cool aspect of the Aviva Plus is that it is the first meter/lancet/test strip combo to receive an “Ease of Use” award from the Arthritis Foundation. Other individual meters, etc., have received this award, … Read more

Bayer Didget Glucose Meter Review

The Bayer Didget is arguably the only blood glucose meter designed exclusively for children. What a concept, huh? The whole purpose of this meter is to motivate children to take responsibility for their glucose level testing. How do you motivate a child? Make it fun. How is this done? After testing, the user can plug … Read more

Accu Chek Compact Plus Glucose Meter Review

The ACCU CHEK Compact Plus Glucose Meter is one of the two main Accu-Chek glucose meters being marketed by Roche. The other is the Aviva. The company still offers several older models, but does not market them significantly. The Compact Plus is designed to be the “be all, end all” choice for consumers with a … Read more

Bayer Contour Next EZ Glucose Meter Review

contour next ez

The Contour EZ glucose meter is one of newest blood monitoring devices offered by Bayer Corporation. Admittedly, I am a little puzzled by the meter. It seems to offer very few different features from previous Bayer meters. Likewise, the other curious aspect of the meter is that it does not move the ball forward in … Read more